Best Advice from an Australian dating expert for singles

The world of dating is changing. With the annual day for love around the corner, many singles are turning towards professional matchmaking services in order to find their Valentine.

Now, Dating sites are popular among those over 35, but Linda Prescott, Ideal Introductions Director and expert matchmaker, says that many young professionals value quality over quantity when searching for “the one”.

She says that people are switching to face-to-face meetings over social media.

They need to be able to filter out fake profiles and save time looking through dating sites.

Prescott says that “[if you] have been out in the dating scene for a while… or… have just not been lucky in love, then the key to success, according to Prescott is to be proactive and not sit at home wondering why your special someone isn’t coming to your door.”

She said, “Just be you and don’t play any games.” Anyone who isn’t sure where to begin can benefit from being open-minded and approachable.

Here are her top tips for finding love and making it a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Be proactive

“Don’t be afraid of being out there. Prescott says you never know when cupid’s arrow will strike.

It’s time to try something new if you are single and lonely this Valentine’s Day. Grab your single friends to go to an organized singles event at a great restaurant, or your favourite bar.

Blind dating is also suggested by her.

Prescott’s own research on 26 single men (39 single women) found that nearly half of those surveyed agreed that blind dates were the best way to meet someone and that more than 40% would consider blind dates.

Be sure to set the right time

Prescott said, “Before starting dating again, ensure that you are emotionally available.”

Ask yourself these questions: Are you ready to let go of the past? Have you learned from your mistakes? Be aware that what you desire in a partner may not be what you need. Are you clear about what you want?

She said that love doesn’t happen overnight.

She found that 32% of people wish there was more time to meet new people.

She said that it can be difficult to find the “right” person or a love interest who is compatible with you.

“Keep your heart open, it’s possible to not find the one, but you can outsource your love life and you will be on your way.

“[And] it takes more dates to determine if there’s chemistry or a romantic connection between people.” Three dates is the magic number.

Learn how to date

Prescott says there are two main reasons why people are single. “Men are bad daters, and women have high standards.”

She said, “I work with both my clients in these areas to find a happy medium.”

“The more heartbreak and time you’ve had, the easier it will be to set yourself up and create a demanding wish list.” She believes that successful couples are those who give their partner a chance to start with.

10 secrets to a perfect date.

1. Pay attention to your presentation. Make an impression.

2. Be polite. A compliment can make all the difference.

3. Be on time. I knew that any relationship was doomed when either my date was late.

4. Avoid drinking too much. One drink can be enough to get you started, but two or three can make it a little more difficult. You don’t want to drink too much.

5. Be interested in your date, not just your interests

6. Show that you are interested in a relationship.

7. Don’t be bossy. It didn’t work out when the man demanded all of the woman’s food.

8. Be open to new experiences. One couple experienced love blossoming after they tried indoor surfing. The man who was afraid of heights kept him from taking the London Eye, ended any hope of romance.

9. Bring gifts. A beautifully wrapped bottle or small bouquet of flowers can make a great gift.

10. Give your date a chance. Instead of sending our couples on one blind date, we sent three. I don’t know how many times they said that it allowed them to get to know each other better. Snap judgments can lead to many a broken relationship.