Creative & Unique Table Runner Ideas For Your Wedding

We all know that the standard look for a table runner at a wedding reception is a plain old piece of fabric, whether it be in satin or sheer organza – generally, in the past, the shinier the fabric, the better… urgh!! It’s always lovely to see a creative wedding where couples think outside the box and have a table runner that goes with their wedding style and shows their personality.

Today we’ve put together some clever ideas from around the net to inspire you when pondering ideas for your reception style.


Collect vintage doilies of various sizes and shades and sew them together (you could even use craft glue if you aren’t handy with a needle and thread). If you are lucky enough to have some family pieces, this can add a personal touch to your day – but do keep in mind there might be food and wine spills, so you may need to chat with your family about this first!


Scour second-hand stores for something cute, perhaps a romance novel with some lovely words or even a book that has sentimental meaning to you and your fiance. An old book with yellowing pages always looks ten times better than a new book. The pages can easily be adhered together with magic tape on the underside, and to get the “lace effect” on the edges, there are ornate paper punches in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores to get this look.


This is such a gorgeous way to tell the stories of each of the two families coming together. Even early childhood images of you and your fiance look cute in this spread; just change all of the images to black and white/sepia to match the historic family photos. The source of this inspiration image even includes DIY instructions – it’s super easy and something we did for our first Brisbane vintage wedding fair!! With the help of modern technology, you don’t need to use your original photographs; just get copies so that it doesn’t matter if they get ruined being stuck together, and you can use the same photos on multiple tables as well.


A simple hessian or burlap fabric is a lovely touch for a rustic country or barn reception. Not to mention this option is crazy cheap and easy to do! To soften the look, consider low little posies of fresh pastel flowers spaced along with the table.


Although this looks cute, paper pinwheels adhered together to make a table runner are not the most practical of ideas – consider where guests will need to place water jugs and wine bottles when the runner is not a level surface. If it’s used for a table that doesn’t need to be functional, it looks gorgeous! Again there are instructions on how to do this yourself via the source.


This idea is more for the handy sewer – makeup fabric leaves and joins them together to create this gorgeous spring-inspired fabric leaf runner. If you are a bit of an avid “applique-er,” there are all sorts that you could create along these lines – it could be roses, or oranges and lemons or change the fabric colors to be more autumn-inspired.


Masses of fresh flowers along with a runner again go into the not too practical basket – however, isn’t it truly breathtaking!!! If you have a table somewhere that doesn’t need much space for usage,e it is a gorgeous statement piece. Perhaps you have a less than attractive table at your alter that you’d love to pretty up!


Believe it or not, this mod-looking runner is made from masses of coloured “Necco Wafers”. These are a candy wafer that was part of the US WWII troop’s rations as they were deemed to be virtually indestructible! And yes, you can order from various online suppliers to have them shipped to Australia if your local international candy store doesn’t stock them.


Who would have thought a visit to your local hardware store could be the ticket for a whimsical tablescape! Moss in rolls maybe a little more tricky to source than synthetic grass, but contact your local flower wholesaler as I’m sure they will be able to help you out! The greenery can then be adorned with either twigs and berries or soft floral arrangements in pastel or vibrant colours.


I just love this idea! Super easy to do as all you need is a piece of calico. Then with either paint or a thick marking pen, mark it out to look like a giant ruler/tape measure. Such a quirky idea if you are marrying a dressmaker or perhaps a surveyor or carpenter where measuring is an important trade tool!