How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Getting Ready

Of course choosing a fabulous photographer who you have a great connection with is most of the way when it comes to getting great wedding photos, but a little more thought and planning is required from brides and grooms-to-be to help your awesome photographer really get the most out of your special day. In Issue 4 of Vintage Bride we decided to chat about some helpful tips for you to get the best “getting ready” images.

  • Put all of your getting ready touches aside for your photographer to place and take pictures of such as the perfume you wore, jewellery, shoes, any love letters from your husband or wife to be, toasting champagne glass shared with the girls or scotch with the lads.
  • Think about the venue where you will be getting ready. If you are planning a spectacular vintage wedding but getting ready in a very contemporary hotel or modern home this can ruin the flow of your wedding day photos. Consider booking a room in a heritage hotel or getting ready at the venue if they have a brides room to allow for photography in a location that flows.
  • Consider the lighting in the room you are getting ready in. If it’s a dark space with not much natural light you can’t expect bright and colourful shots and asking a photographer to use flash in a dark room is not the way to go…. just give them lovely natural light from the start where possible.
  • Wherever you do decide to get ready, be sure to have a little clean up before the photographer arrives as there’s nothing worse than clutter of bridesmaids overnight bags and left over food scraps on the background of what could have been a spectacular shot.
  • If you would like to have getting ready shots of both yourself and your dashing groom consider getting ready in separate rooms in the one hotel if using a single photographer, or if this can’t be arranged be sure to book a photographer who can include a second shooter in the package as the one photographer can’t be in two places at once.
  • Have a chat with your mum and bridal party about whether they are happy to have professional photography taken before they “have their face on” and if not arrange for your getting ready photography to commence after everyone’s ready to go.
  • Not many brides are keen to have photos of themselves in their knickers, so find a gorgeous vintage inspired (or better still original vintage!) robe to wear during the hair and makeup or at least getting ready shots
  • Some brides aren’t comfortable with having a photographer in the room when they are in a state of undress, and that’s absolutely fine! You don’t have to have lingerie / robe / getting into the dress shots. Just let your photographer know before the day what your wishes are and they will respect this.  If you prefer to keep the dressing moments private you can always get into the gown but leave the zip or buttons undone and then call the photographer in when you’re ready for the “doing up of the dress” shots if you’d like to still include that.
  • For brides who do have some “doing up the dress” shots, this is a lovely opportunity for your mum if possible to have this special moment with no one else in the background. It will be a special moment for you both to treasure when you see the gorgeous images of your mums loving hands doing up your gown on your special day and certainly a moment she will cherish forever.
  • Fathers of the bride should also have their special moment before the ceremony. Wherever the location is where your dad first sees you all dressed up is a moment not to be missed as there are sure to be tears of joy.
  • Grooms can also have a special moment by asking their mum to be the person to attach their boutonniere (and lets face it, out of all of the people in the grooms room she is going to be the most capable by far of working out how to attach it properly!) and a moment between father and son of a congratulatory hug or handshake (depending on whether they are huggers or not!) is a moment to not miss.
  • When booking professional wedding vendors listen to their advice. Talk with your hair and makeup stylist about their recommended time frames and discuss this then with your photographer so they aren’t wasting time waiting around while you finish getting ready.
  • Pack in straws! Even if you’re not a bride who is likely to have a little celebratory pre-nuptual champers with the girls you will certainly need to keep hydrated with good old h2o and when you have your lipstick on it’s best to always drink with a straw to avoid lipstick smears up the side of your face as soon as you put your mouth on a glass or a water bottle!
  • Pack in a nice hanger for your gown! Often when you collect your gorgeous gown it will have a lovely hanger on it, but if you didn’t happen to receive a “photogenic hanger” be sure to pack one in. It’s always lovely for the photographer to get a full length shot of your gown still on the hanger and nothing ruins that shot more than a crummy old wire hanger holding up the gown!
  • If there is another person of importance with you before the wedding be sure to chat with your photographer before the day about who they are and arrange for some photos with them. This may be perhaps an Aunt who is practically a mother to you but the photographer might be more wrapped up in capturing shots of immediate family and bridal party and not be aware that a photo of just you and that person would be important to you and something you may regret not having after the day.